Typical mistakes that are made by newbie investors

As rookie investors, it is inevitable that bad decisions may be made. We win some, we lose some, which is part of taking risks in investment. Mistakes in investing are usually common, and most of the wealthiest investors have been through it. But with guidance from us, this could all be avoided. This article will explain some common mistakes made by investors and some tips on how to prevent them. Let us help you avoid the pitfalls of investing. Here’s what and what not to do.


Some investors put all their funds in one company. This is a big NO! It is highly suggested to always diversify your funds. You must learn to invest in different industries so that if one asset goes down, you have other funds to fall back on. 


Another common mistake done by investors is to gravitate to the latest industry, that they don’t even understand. Jumping on the next profitable train is a significant risk; what’s important is that you know the ins and outs of the industry. You could always ask questions from your financial advisors, and it is best that you must also conduct some research. It will always be an advantage on the investors’ part to educate themselves about the industry they put their money in. It is a built-in advantage when you understand the business and may be able to predict first hand if the sector is cooling down, booming, or getting slower. If you can comprehend the trends in the industry you have invested, it will be an opportunity for you to spot significant investment decisions. Having first-hand knowledge will increase your profit or avoid losses. 

If you have little or no knowledge about the industry you are investing in, do not hesitate to ask us. That’s why we’re here. To educate and guide you in all your decision-making. Remember our Step 1 when investing? We educate you. 


Some people treat investments like playing the lottery and hope their investment to turn into a fortune. Of course this is possible, but it is an inappropriate mindset when investing. You must take into consideration that investment comes with risks, you win some, you lose some. Luck can’t make you rich, and it’s wise investment decisions that will give you a fortune. That is why you must be knowledgeable of the industry you have invested, and monitor the trend so you could make the right financial decisions. 


As financial experts, we always tell our investors here at PeterSieg.de, to never put yourself in a situation where you use the money you can’t afford to lose. If you have set aside funds for the college education of your child, think again. Don’t base your decisions on high-stress levels or your emotions. An old Japanese saying goes, “you will eventually lose every dollar with which you gamble.” When you invest money that you’re not afraid to lose, you will not be pressured in making your decisions. You will not be driven by fear and your emotions. As a result, you will be making better decisions


There could be different emotions that could be one feel a series of emotions; one of them is being impatient. Impatience and money is not a good team and may cause you to lose it. The funds you invest in PeterSieg.de is also being invested in various businesses for expansion or additional capital. Do not expect that you will have your money back 10x higher next week. Be patient, and you will reap the results. Trusting us is a long term investment that will surely make you appreciate the wait. 


There are many cases that people only invest because they hear that it is going well. Thanks to the mainstream media that only covers the story of hot business investments. What’s worse is the press only advertises the trend, and you didn’t know that you are investing in a company that has no revenues, millions of dollars in debt, and has significant losses. A little tip to everyone, not because it’s popular, it’s a good investment. Let’s say there’s a new car is out and it’s the hottest trend in the market, but you have to ask yourself, is it a good investment.


Avoid mistakes and losses by conducting due diligence, seeking advice from fund managers, and do not give up easily. When there’s a slight downturn, do not change course, do not fear, and be patient. Do not let your emotions affect your decision making, and do not join in the bandwagon. Do not invest more than what you can afford; always think of your primary expenses. If you have found yourself committing the mistakes mentioned above, do not be frightened. This is part of taking risks, and believe it or not, wealthy investors, even Peter Sieg has experienced it too. Learn from the experts and take time to listen.