Our Investments

To understand our investments, let us take a look at Mr. Peter Sieg Journey in business.

One of the first investments of Mr. Peter Sieg was a german beer startup which was founded by a school friend of Mr. Peter Sieg. The beer company is now one of Germany’s largest producers of beer.

Mr. Sieg continued his investment career with investing in businesses within the entertainment industry or are closely connected to as the beer company. Some of his investments within the entertainment company include german online casino leovegas and the largest amusement park in Germany the Europa-Park.

Peter Sieg got his first investment money by selling cigarettes and alcohol to the sailors of the many freight ships that would dock in the harbour of his hometown of Hamburg. He would come to the ships of the sailors with his merchandise as some of the ships could not stay for long or the sailors did not have breaks until they had left port.
Peter.Siege.de knows the importance proper investments. We recognize the significance of corporate governance as this is what has driven our success to higher heights. Peter had a dream of becoming an investor and he started by selling beer and cigarettes to sailors. His investment career began in Hamburg and took advantage of the opportunity he spotted.

Mr Sieg did not look back when his friend approached him with a business idea. He has not ventured away from the entertainment industry, but he is definitely looking forward to doing so. The German online casino changed the way people in Germany viewed gambling. The Europa-Park is the largest amusement park in Germany and one of the greatest investments that Peter has made so far.

Launched several years ago, PeterSiege.de supports investors through our businesses. Our companies have sustainable practices and as we expand, we ensure that our partners also reflect strong sustainability principles. From time to time, we enhance our products and services by refining and introducing new products. Peter is leader who values sustainability and through our leading companies, he is consistently promoting sustainability. Out staff and stakeholders follow his steps and its one of the reasons we dominate in the entertainment industry.

By implementing services effectively, out investment policies have given us excellent results. Our companies use innovative techniques and tools and the results are visible. Our employees are not overloaded and workload is shared evenly. We take pride in offering your with a variety of skills that are geared towards meeting your business needs.

You do not want an investment company that is not verified handling your business or advising you. You are free to check all out background information. We are happy to be legit, experienced and a leading investment company in today’s dynamic world. We are a wealth management firm that guarantees nothing success on your business decisions. We secure your future by walking with you in every step. With the many years of experience and the vast knowledge in various businesses it is our hope that you will choose us to be your caring supportive investment partner.
“We have developed in cigarette business, beer industry, shipping and many other forms of business and still growing”